Greg Kiar

Open Ph.D.

As an advocate of open science, why not open degrees, too? This page is home to a variety of content I produced throughout my Ph.D., including official requirements, grant applications (both funded and unfunded), and anything else I thought may be generically useful as a teaching aid.

Note: the Ph.D. material was compliant with the rules and regulations of the programme in Biomedical and Biological Engineering at McGill University at the time of my enrollment, so if you happen to be a student looking at this, always defer to any examples provided by your institution.

All of the resources in the lists below are covered under the CC-BY 2.0 CA license, meaning you can leverage, redistribute, and build upon the work and ideas therein, just cite it. The intention of posting these works is that they may be valuable guides to help other students.

Programme Milestones

Thesis Submisssion & Defense

Thesis Pre-Submission Meeting (Pass)

Annual Progress Meeting (Pass)

Comprehensive Exam Meeting (Pass)

Comprehensive Preparation Meeting (Pass)

Preliminary Committee Meeting (Conditional Pass)

Grant, Fellowship, & Award Applications

Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform Award 2020 (Funded)

Sage Assembly Young Investigator Award 2019 (Funded)

Mitacs Globalink Research Award 2019 (Funded)

NSERC Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement 2018 (Funded)

NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Scholarship 2018 (Funded; CGS-D)

Mozilla Fellows for Science 2017 (Unfunded; Final 50 of 1000)

Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives Fellowship 2017 (Funded)