Greg Kiar

Bio Sketch

I am an Electrical Engineer (B.Eng, Carleton University) and Biomedical Engineer (B.Eng, Carleton University; M.S.E., Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D. in progress, McGill University) working in neuroinformatics.

During my Ph.D. with Dr. Alan C. Evans and Dr. Tristan Glatard, I am developing tools and methods to increase the accessibility of analyzing so-called "big data" in neuroscience, and am working towards an approach for quantifying the performance of pipelines with respect to reliability, repeatability, reproducibility, stability, robustness, generalizability, and whatever other buzz-words can be used to describe trustworthiness.

I love to teach, advocate and participate in open-science, and am doing an open-Ph.D. in which I am sharing my fellowship applications (both successful and unsuccessful), degree requirement documents, presentations, proposals, etc., with the hope that other students may find them useful resources.

My eventual goal is to be a tenure-track professor (yes, I know the odds...), ideally at a Canadian University, as this is my home.

I also have two pet rabbits that are cute.